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What is AdvStory?

Advanced Story viewer for Flutter. Supports image, video and custom stories. Full control over stories for developer and smooth experience for users.


High performance, minimum delays, preload and cache enabled. Works using builders, provides flexibility and lazy loading.
Gestures for skip story, skip content, pause, resume and close.
A functional controller for manipulating story flow and listening for user interactions. Allows you to skip, pause, play and more..
Predefined story types for images, videos and simple contents. But not limited to these types, allows you to use base class of predefined widgets. This literally makes the options endless.
Different durations can be set for each story content.
Predefined highly customizable story tray. But you are not limited to that, you can create your own non-animated or animated trays, AdvStory handles animation.
Header and footer areas for stories with customization option specific to a predefined story content.
Full screen option, hides status and navigation bars.
Object based, you can create as many story views as you want within the same application.


AdvStory uses official Flutter video_player plugin, minimum supported versions:
Android: SDK 16+
iOS: 9.0+
  • Add internet permission to your AndroidManifest.xml:
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"/>
If you need to access videos using http refer this guide for iOS.
Add dependency to pubspec.yaml file:
advstory: <latest-version>
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