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Quick Start

This page contains information of AdvStory basic usage.

Basic Usage

  • Before starting, ensure you have followed installation steps.
AdvStory widget creates tray list, stories and contents lazily using *builder functions.
AdvStory widget can't determine it's own size, put it inside SizedBox or Expanded widget.
Following code creates 5 story, each containing 10 story content. For each story, a widget (tray) representing the story must be created.
storyCount: 5,
storyBuilder: (storyIndex) => Story(
contentCount: 10,
contentBuilder: (contentIndex) => const ImageContent(url: ""),
trayBuilder: (index) => AdvStoryTray(url: ""),
This 8 lines of code (with valid urls) inserts following widget to your screen and provides full story viewer functionality. Easy right?
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